101 in 1001

101 Goals in 1001 Days | Goal Challenge

The 101 in 1001 inspiration came about after reading several blogs posts about goals. I came to the website Day Zero Project. After reading through the site and reviewing some of the 101 lists, I was inspired to begin my adventures with the 101 in 1001.

Let me just say, I had so much fun compiling my 101. Writing the first 30 was super duper easy. The next 60 was challenging and the last 11 was difficult. By the time I got to the last 11, my list was mainly about me. Wow- I was definitely selfish. Thinking of pay-it-forward types of goals was more of a promise commitment. I know, the whole 101 in 1001 days is a commitment, but in my own mind- volunteering involves other people, something I can not, not do. I must keep my word to myself (don’t break a promise). This is why the last 11 was so hard. I thought real hard and twice before adding them to the list.

After jotting the 101 goals down on paper, the list was reorganized into groups. I calculated that 3 items a week, every week, will need to be done to successfully conquer this project. So the reorganizing was a necessity.

Should my 101 in 1001 inspire you to do your own challenge, let me know. I will be able to mark off #101!

How to calculate your 1001 can be done here.

Goal start date is September 15, 2017. 1001 days later; goal end date will be June 12, 2020.

  1. Make the 101 in 1001 challenge list √ 9/15/17
  2. Go to San Fran with my daughter
  3. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
  4. Go to Mexico
  5. Go to Boston with my son
  6. Go to Glacier National Park with my husband
  7. Day trip to White Cloud – 4-State Lookout
  8. Visit the Wamego Tulip Festival
  9. Visit Wyandotte County Lake √ 10/21/17
  10. Visit three from the top 50 list of things to do in Lawrence.
  11. Handmade Christmas gifts √ 12/16/17
  12. Sleep under the Christmas tree Christmas Eve
  13. Deliver homemade holiday treats to someone unexpected
  14. Have a real Christmas tree
  15. Go Christmas caroling
  16. Invite a neighbor to dinner one evening
  17. Hang a mistletoe on my door
  18. Watch people ice skate
  19. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
  20. Host an ugly Christmas sweater get-together
  21. Get a New Year’s kiss at midnight
  22. Catch a snowflake on my tongue
  23. Picnic lunch with grandkids
  24. Take grandkids to the KU band day parade
  25. Build a blanket fort with grandkids and sleep in it
  26. Watch 5 Disney movies
  27. Color in a coloring book
  28. Have a tea party
  29. Payoff credit card
  30. Finish the upstairs room – closet room
  31. Redecorate the computer room
  32. Loose 20 lbs.
  33. Go to a LHS high school football game
  34. Take portraits of my family √ 10/21/17
  35. Hang enlargements of family portraits
  36. Send one handwritten note or card to a friend every month for a year
  37. Go to the sale barn with Kevin when he sells cattle
  38. Throw a party for the Fourth of July
  39. Make a Fourth of July cake
  40. Write a love note to my husband
  41. Shadow my husband all day for one day
  42. Watch a roller derby match
  43. Watch two movies at the cinema in the same day
  44. Write a Will
  45. Buy a meal for someone behind me in a drive thru √ 11/16/17
  46. Donate items to a food bank
  47. One Saturday morning go to garage sales with my mom
  48. Paint pottery at Sunfire Ceramics
  49. Visit a park and people watch
  50. Spend the night in a lakeside cabin
  51. Buy one lottery ticket each month for a year
  52. Donate unwanted items to the Salvation Army
  53. Walk a mile a day for 30 days
  54. Give money to a street performer
  55. Write a cookbook of family recipes
  56. Take a photo of the same place every month for a year
  57. Attend an event at the KU Lied Center
  58. Have a garage sale
  59. Bird watch
  60. Quit using like and um as a verbal filler
  61. Complete 7 goals in one week
  62. Go to the Ol’ Marais River Run
  63. Take a photograph of something I am grateful for every day for a month
  64. Take a selfie every day for a month
  65. Write a blog post every day for a month
  66. Look up a new word in the dictionary every day for a month
  67. Carry a camera with me every day for a year
  68. Don’t speak for a whole day
  69. Don’t hit snooze for a whole week
  70. Put a pink streak in my hair
  71. Do everything left-handed for a day
  72. Make a list of 101 quotes that inspire me √ 10/1/2017
  73. Make a list of my favorite 50 movies √ 11/1/2017
  74. Make a list of the simple things that make me happy
  75. Make a list of 25 things I like about myself and stick it to my mirror
  76. Tie a secret to a balloon and let it go
  77. Attend a music festival
  78. Attend the Lawrence Busker Festival
  79. Day trip to the Smokey Mills Wind Farm
  80. Stay a night at the Sage Inn Bed & Breakfast
  81. Ride the Atchison Haunted Trolley
  82. Make a list of birthday’s and anniversaries of my family
  83. Learn how to use the morphing software program I bought a few years ago
  84. Skinny dip at 55
  85. Send a gift certificate to a friend in need
  86. Ride in a police car 🙂
  87. Make blueberry muffins
  88. Make Zucchini Chocolate Cake
  89. Make peach cobbler with fresh canned peaches √ 9/17/17
  90. Don’t eat fast food for a week
  91. Don’t wear black for a week √ 9/25/17
  92. Leave an inspirational note in a book for someone to find
  93. Write all my bad memories on paper, burn this paper afterwards
  94. Say “yes” to something I normally would not do
  95. Go a month without buying anything that isn’t a necessity
  96. Celebrate Senior Discounts @ 55
  97. Offer photography services (no fee with complimentary 5×7) to nursing home residents
  98. Vehicle detail each month for a year (Honda)
  99. Create a Photo Journal of the 101 in 1001 challenge
  100. Do a head stand
  101. Inspire someone to do their own 101 in 1001!

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